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FuzzCon Europe DevSecOp

Next Talk: March 23rd, 2023

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DevSecOps Conference Series | 100% Online

Security Is Critical for the DevOps Community

DevSecOps is a rapidly growing field that combines the principles of development, security, and operations in order to ensure that software is developed and deployed in a secure and efficient manner, and that security is seamlessly integrated into the CI/CD Pipeline.

The FuzzCon Europe - DevSecOps series brings together experts and practitioners from different backgrounds to discuss the latest best practices, tools, and techniques for implementing DevSecOps  in organizations of all sizes. 

This conference series will provide valuable insights and inspiration for attendees looking to improve their practices in DevSecOps, as well as foster connections and collaboration within the community.

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What will you learn from FuzzCon Europe - DevSecOps?

How to Implement Automated Security Testing Into CI/CD

Security testing is a crucial component in ensuring quality code, but it can be tricky to find the right tools to automate this process. At FuzzCon Europe DevSecOps, you will learn how to integrate security testing tools into your pipeline, how to monitor and review results, and how to update and refine your testing process as your codebase and security requirements evolve.

How to Leverage Intelligent Code Analysis to Ship Quality and Secure Code Faster

Intelligent code analysis involves automatically reviewing and analyzing source code to identify potential issues, such as security vulnerabilities, bugs, and performance problems. Developers can leverage such code analysis by using it as part of the development workflow. In this conference series, you will learn how to integrate code analysis tools into your development and continuous integration environments and automatically scan your code for security vulnerabilities and improve quality. 

How to Put Ownership of Security Testing Into the Hands of Developers

Developers often report feeling a lack of ownership and autonomy when it comes to ensuring the security and quality of their code. The talks in this conference aim to propose workflows that empower developers to take ownership of security testing, and  to find and fix issues autonomously. 

How to Mitigate the Risks of Open-Source Components

Many companies rely on open-source software components, but this can present unique issues in maintaining a secure product. You will learn how to identify reputable, well maintained components, how to conduct security assessments that include open-source components, and how to manage vulnerabilities.

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What is Fuzzing?

"Fuzzing" or "fuzz testing" is currently the most effective testing approach to automatically detect security and stability issues in software. It involves providing invalid, unexpected, or random data as inputs to a computer program. 

Modern fuzzing engines (such as AFL++, or Jazzer) do not just use random inputs, but smart algorithms tailoring the input to increase the amount of code which is tested/covered by the fuzzer.

Read more about fuzzing.

When will the next FuzzCon Europe -DevSecOps talk take place?

The next talk will take place on March 23rd, 2023 at 4PM CET.

What event platform will be used for the online events?

Each talk of FuzzCon Europe - DevSecOps will be streamed LIVE on our site, the link will be sent to all attendees after signing up.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes! Every session will be recorded. All recordings will be freely available on our site after the talks.

I have more questions. How can I contact the conference team?

Ask us anything! You can contact the team anytime via email at