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Yasemin Acar

Yasemin Acar is a Research Group Leader At Max Planck Institute For Security And Privacy. Her research focuses on human factors in computer security, centering humans and their comprehension, behaviors, wishes and needs.

She aims to better understand how software can enhance users’ lives without putting their data at risk.

Her recent focus has been on investigating how to help software developers implement secure software development practices. Her research has shown that working with developers on these issues can resolve problems before they ever affect end users.

She was a visiting scholar at the National Institute for Standards and Technology in 2019, where she researched how users of smart homes want to have their security and privacy protected. She received the John Karat Usable Security and Privacy student Research Award for the community’s outstanding student in 2018. Her work has also been honored by the National Security Agency in their best cybersecurity paper competition 2016.

Featured Talk: Human Factors in Secure Development

Yasemin Acar


What is Fuzzing?

"Fuzzing" or "fuzz testing" is currently the most effective testing approach to automatically detect security and stability issues in software. It involves providing invalid, unexpected, or random data as inputs to a computer program. 

Modern fuzzing engines (such as AFL++, or Jazzer) do not just use random inputs, but smart algorithms tailoring the input to increase the amount of code which is tested/covered by the fuzzer.

Read more about fuzzing.

When Will FuzzCon Automotive Take Place?

Thursday, November 17th 2022, starting at 16:00 CEST

What event platform will be used for the online event?

FuzzCon Automotive will be streamed LIVE on our site,  and on LinkedIn.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes! Every session will be recorded. Just sign up, and we will provide you with the recordings after the conference.

I live in a different time-zone. Can I still participate?

We welcome attendees from all time zones! However, if the timing is not accessible for you, you are welcome to download the recordings and reach out to us with any questions you might have.

I have more questions. How can I contact the conference team?

Ask us anything! You can contact the team anytime via email at

Register for FuzzCon Automotive 2022

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